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May 10th and 12th – Minerals, Magic and Memories

For several years Anne Holian has been painstakingly hand-painting bone china and porcelain to create an incredible collection of contemporary English tea ware. The works were inspired by tea fields “full of mystery, delight and colour” as well as the tea fields’ local flora and fauna. Each work is titled and comes in an exquisite box hand made by Anne. As a […]

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October 5th and 7th – Iremon Event

Our annual craftsmen event will take place in two weeks time on October 5th and 7th. This year’s will be our largest yet with five craftsmen – Takahiro Yagi of Kaikado, Toru Tsuji of Kanaami-Tsuji, Yusuke Matsubayashi of Asahiyaki, Shuji Nakagawa of Nakagawa-Mokkougei and our friend Athico Ilye. The events will be based around the […]

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September 26th – Teabowl Talk by Bonnie Kemske

We have a busy schedule of events this autumn, starting with our Teabowl talk by our friend Bonnie Kemske on Tuesday 26th September. Bonnie is the author of a new book called ‘The Teabowl: East and West’ about the historical context of the chawan and its appropriation into contemporary ceramics. The talk will be held […]

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January 28th – Contemporary Japanese Ceramics

On Saturday 28th January we will be holding an event with Sophie Cavaliero and Valérie Douniaux, the authors of an beautiful new book ‘Céramiques Japonaises Contemporaines’ dedicated to the diversity and vitality of the modern ceramics scene in Japan. The book is written in French and English and explores the work of 50 contemporary Japanese […]

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September 15th and 17th – Made by Hand

  Next week we will be holding two events at the shop with the theme ‘Made by Hand’, showcasing handmade utensils by three Japanese craftsmen. Toru Tsuji of Kanaami-Tsuji  and Takahiro Yagi of Kaikado will be at the shop in person demonstrating how they make their handwoven tea strainers and handmade tea caddies respectively. We will also […]

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2014 Wuyi Oolongs and new sample sizes

Back in 2009 I walked into Postcard Teas for the first time as a customer and asked to try Master Xu’s Rou Gui. At the time I didn’t really know what it was but I had read somewhere that this was the tea to try, and I thought that I might as well start my […]

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