Yunomi (Blue)


A handmade, glazed pottery tea cup from Kimura Noritada, a great Kyoto potter.

This is in a blue glaze originally developed by Kimura Morinobu and adapted by Noritada, giving it a slightly deeper blue shade. Although it appears plain blue from afar, up close there is an amount of crazing and frosting on the surface, with browning on the rim as if it has been singed. The cup is fairly heavy and large and may be more comfortable held with two hands like a tea bowl.

Dimensions: 9cm height x 8cm diameter. Volume: ~300mls

Please note – all cups are sold individually and are individual pieces, so if there is a certain cup you would like or if you would like to look at our whole selection please email us at If a cup is out of stock it may take up to 4 months to have your cup handmade and shipped to you. The shapes and colours may vary.

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