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Beijing Breakfast – 50g Postcard


A sweet, malty, single-estate black tea from the famous Taoist mountain Laoshan near Qingdao in Shandong province, the closest tea-producing area to the Chinese capital Beijing. The Mou Family’s small 14 acre estate produces tea by natural bio-farming methods and they do not use any artificial fertilisers or pesticides.

Laoshan tea has a relatively short history, with plants brought over from Hangzhou in the 1950s to see if they could thrive in Laoshan’s tough winter conditions. Laoshan is one of the most northerly tea growing areas in China and the harsh winter when the ground freezes over and the plants have to be covered means growth is slowed down, leading to more concentration of flavour and texture compounds when the tea buds again in the spring.

This is an exceptionally sweet black tea with a concentrated toffee aroma and a lovely maltiness reminiscent of oats and breakfast cereal. The sweetness is strong but complex, almost like raw sugarcane, while the texture is thick and rich in the mouth. This is our benchmark for a high quality, everyday, Chinese black tea and a great example of why tea from this region is becoming more and more in demand.

Best brewed using around 3-4g of leaf per 150ml and water just off the boil. It can just about take milk if brewed hard, but we would recommend it without.

Mou Family Farm, Lao Shan, Shandong, China

14 acres

Camellia Sinensis Sinensis. Old Tree Long Jing cultivars. Harvested Spring 2017.

95°c without milk, 100°C with milk, 3-4g per 150ml. 4 infusions.

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