Noritada Kimura (Pottery Cups and Teapots)

KIMURA biographies

Born in 1968, Noritada Kimura is an exciting potter from one of the best known ceramic families in Kyoto. He has worked alongside his father Morinobu Kimura, a Kyoto Living Treasure, for many years at the family’s studio and now uses his own kiln in Iwakura area of Kyoto. This apprenticeship has allowed him to absorb much of his father’s skill and technique which can be seen in Noritada’s award winning work. The expressive and diverse glazes he uses on his cups and wisteria-handled pots have made him a respected figure in his field and a firm favourite of many of our customers. We believe his work reflects the philosophy of his father Morinobu:

” I believe the fundamentals of Japanese crafts especially pottery, are beauty and function. I have tried hard to make a new tradition which suits modern living as well as studying deeply the spiritual side of Japanese contemporary crafts. The clay for the vessel the ash and the iron for the glaze have to be natural. My job is to make these elements come together. I like to make pottery which is warm and powerful so it makes people want to live with them. Today in the 21th century I think it is time to look deeply at nature and I do this through my work. ”


1968   born in Kyoto Iwakura

1989     graduated from Kyoto Ceramics College

1991   Father and Son Exhibition in Manjyudo in Kyoto

Showed at the Japan traditional Craft Kinki Show

1995   Asked to exhibit in a modern teaware exhibition

One-man show at Artspace Hachigen in Kyoto

Shortlisted for the Nisshin modern noodle bowl prize

1998    Took part in Hiamagurankai’98 in Sapporo Art Forest

2002    Father and son exhibition at Yokohama’s Sogo

Father and son exhibition at Utsuwaya Menami in Kyoto

One-man show in Kyoto and Fujisawa

1998      Exhibited with his brother Noriyuki at Yokohama’s Sogo Department Store

Won an award at the 50th Japan Traditional Craft Exhibition

2006    One-man show in Ginza Matsuya in Tokyo

2007    Solo show at gallery Eikosha in Tottori

Won an award at the 54th Japanese Traditional Craft Exhibition

2008    Showed at Tachikichi Gallery Kyoto

Kyoto and Little Kyoto, Postcard Teas, London

2009    Solo exhibition at Takashimaya in Kyoto

Solo show at Kyoto Ceramics Hall

Solo exhibition at Utsuwaya Menami, Kyoto

2010     Kimura Family exhibition at Alegre, Nara

2011     Solo exhibition Isetan, Shinjuku, Tokyo

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